WATCH NOW! Little Old Ladies Bite The Head Off Democracy

You'd probably be shocked to know just how many little old ladies are in charge of democracy in America. Our elections have been caught in their surprisingly strong grip -- just try to pry it from them! -- since before most of Occupy Wall Street was in nappies. Thousands of poll workers are sweet, responsible, gray-haired ladies who, as this video proves, will lunge for your jugular and threaten you with arrest if you so much as question the nature of their work (which, btw, is your legal right).

The nature of their work is to efficiently manage secure, publicly observable elections. 

But guess what, we don't have publicly observable elections anymore, because some people tasked with protecting our elections, have decided it's okay to hand the process of democracy over to private corporations who build computerized voting machines that now count all our ballots in secret.

Why is it not okay to count ballots in secret? Anyone? 

Because we can't verify who really won, that's why! 

The companies that control the computer voting machines and their secret software can rig elections. Secretly. IN SECRET. Secrecy is the key here. That's all. That's the beginning and end of it.

Perhaps you - an average voter - don't realize that the software counting your votes is a "proprietary"  corporate trade secret, and therefore off limits to all meaningful oversight. Elections supervisors actually have no capacity to verify that votes are not being manipulated within their "black box" programming. And, there just happens to be ample evidence to support the charge that they are being manipulated.

The palpable fear emanating from the pores of Pat, the election official on this video who threatens the (imo, frustratingly mild-mannered) citizen interviewer, suggets that she knows damn well that she may be involved in treasonous illegality.

Yep, Pat - if you're reading this - that's you. Guilty of aiding and abetting treason. We no longer have a meaningful voice, a way to participate in our own governance, a way to hold democracy in our own hands and grow it and fight for it and try to make it real. You've taken that from us, and either you're too ignorant to know it, or you're too guilty to admit it. 

Not all little old ladies are nice. This one, Pat, who threatens an American citizen with arrest for asking to see her ballot counted, is not nice. Not nice people are destroying our country, because nice people are letting them.

Meanwhile, Pat's sidekick has the stupefying audacity -- or audacious stupidity? -- to ask "why" anyone would rig the machines. 

Why would someone want to rig an election? Anyone? 


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Thank you
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There’s a little-known technique called “chick up-front”, used to dispel confrontation and dissent, whereby a woman or women are placed out front of an issue, as when Hillary C. was placed up-front politically, in the 1990’s, to promote HMOs. And, as young hippy girls were placed up-front to place flowers in bayonets at the 1960’s demonstration at the Chicago Democratic Convention. With such benign-appearing, grandmotherly older women, as seen in this video, out front in droves at our friendly neighborhood polling places throughout the nation, few would dare- or even pause- to question what’s hidden behind the iron curtain of corporate and covert control of the shadowy machines, secret “proprietary” flashable firmware, unverifiable invisible vote counts, and rapid media-relayed results that pass for our elections in America. In many cases, not even they, themselves! Clever, isn’t it…? Many thanks to all those who brought us this video.
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WATCH NOW! Little Old Ladies Bite The Head Off Democracy And Eat It In Front Of Us - Votescam -
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Little old ladies bite the head off of democracy -- try not to watch:
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