The Exit Poll Competition on Election Night between ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN is a Hoax — and They Know It is a Hoax



by Jim Condit Jr. of Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

Original report, August 1996
Updated November 11, 2000 

Thanks to the efforts of all of our associates across the nation in getting this word out -- as of election day, 2000 -- we have forced all five Big TV Networks to "go to confession" on their own national TV networks -- admitting the truth of the significance of these pictures and what we posted in 1996. The TV Networks have admitted they all get their exit polls from Voter News Service in numerous articles and TV spots aired around election day, November 2000. These pictures and this article explain why, on election night 2000, ALL the networks called Florida for Gore, then all reversed the call; then a few hours later ALL called Florida for W. Bush, then all TOGETHER reversed the call; and so on. This page and these pictures explain why. Now let's all go forward and completely destroy the credibility of the five Big TV Networks, - on the way to restoring verifiable, honest elections and control over our nation's future.

This is a picture of a Voter News Service Exit Poll Box. This box shows that the "exit poll" competition which ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN pretend to have on election night is a total hoax. Furthermore, it proves they know it is a hoax. You will notice that the box has Voter News Service on top, but then shows the logos of ABC, AP, CBS, CNN, and NBC, indicating that Voter News Service is working for All four Big TV networks and the wire service which keeps the world's newspapers informed.

These boxes are used to hold "exit poll" ballots filled out by citizens at the (very rare) polling places where Voter News Service show up on election day and conduct "exit polls." (An exit poll is when voters are asked to fill out a form revealing who they voted for, why they voted for them, etc. as they leave the polls.) Citizens for a Fair Vote Count caught up with VNS in 1996 (only the 2nd time we have been able to do so in the last ten years.) This picture was snapped at a high school outside of Manchester, New Hampshire on February 20, 1996 during the GOP Presidential Primary. beneath this explanation is a picture of the same box at a distance as it sits next to the Voter News Service Exit Poll lady who is talking to a citizen.

For the last quarter century the 4 Big TV Networks have pretended to be in hot competition to predict the "winners" and "losers" in national elections based on the so-called exit polls. I had imagined 30 or 40 accountants in the back room sweating and crunching numbers so that their Anchorman could go on the air first and predict the winner. Now we know it was all a hoax. Now we know that all four Big TV networks get the exact same "exit poll" information, at the exact same time, from the exact same company — Voter News Service. (This is confirmed by Margaret Sims in a 1994 Federal Elections Commission report, and by Time magazine in the 1992 issue immediately following the February 18th New Hampshire Primary of that year, among other sources. The exit poll scam being run by the Big 4 TV networks is treated exhaustively in Votescam: The Stealing of America by Jim & Ken Collier in chapters 15, Piece of the Puzzle, and chapter 16, The Thirteenth Floor. Incidentally, the mysterious and super-arrogant Voter News Service has frequently changed its name over the years. It was former called News Election Services, among other names.)

We also have a picture of a badge worn by a Voter News Service worker on election night 1988 which was snapped at one of the regional center phone banks in Cincinnati, Ohio. This badge again shows the logos of the same news organizations plus UPI (now out of business) and minus CNN which is still very young at that time.

So the competition between the networks is a hoax. Furthermore, there are VERY few exit polls, most Americans have never seen one, and do not know anyone who has ever seen one. Next, at each exit poll, only about 1 out of 15 people will talk to the exit poller. People are busy. They are running to work, picking up the kids, coming home from work, etc. etc. etc. Finally, the exit pollers in the two we have caught up with MISS the rush hour periods in the morning and evening! They show up about ten o'clock in the morning, and finish about 5 PM ! We have video footage of the exit poll lady pictured below (next to box) sitting on the phone from 5 PM to about 7 PM calling her "results" in on a pay phone, while HUNDREDS of voters pass between her and our video camera on the way to and from voting at this New Hampshire High School where there were five polling places. (The other exit poll we caught up with in Northern Kentucky in 1992 also saw the Voter News Service Exit Poll person gone by 5:00 PM.)

When I tried to talk to the exit poll lady at this New Hampshire location, she got irate and called the policeman who was providing security at this voting location. She acted like I was threatening national security to ask her a few questions challenging how these exit polls could possibly be scientific. (Over the years the 4 Big TV network's Exit Poll company has used women from the League of Women Voters and young adults from colleges, perhaps among others, to conduct these very rare exit polls.)

So, there are very, very few exit polls. Only about 1 out of 15 people will talk to the exit pollers, totally determined by the attitude and force of circumstances involving the people in that neighborhood. The exit poller misses both rush periods of voting, only showing up in the middle hours of the voting period, about 10 PM to 5 PM. So WHERE is the scientific basis by which the Big TV Networks can project winners and losers often within MINUTES of when the polls close and often within 1% of the final results ?? (It is interesting to note that the networks quit projecting percentage spreads with their winners and losers in 1996 after the Collier Votescam book had circulated for four years, and while I was appearing on 750 radio outlets during the same period.)

For instance, on Super Tuesday Primary Day in 1996, Judy Woodruff of CNN called Bob Dole (who was in a plane) and congratulated him on his total sweep of all states at 7:30 PM eastern standard time. This was the very minute the polls were closing in most eastern states. One may ask in this and other cases how they collated the results so quickly, if they really were conducting a lot of exit polls.

Exit polls are part of the 3-part psychological whammy used against the American people: 1) manipulated public opinion polls pushed in our face every day to prepare our minds for a pre-determined result; 2) election day "exit polls" announced right as the polls close on the east coast, which prepare our minds for: 3) the computer-generated vote counts to be announced a few hours later. All three legs of the modern day "election process" are mysterious and COMPLETELY devoid of citizen checks and balances (excepting the Iowa caucuses, and excepting 70% of New Hampshire in the primary and general elections.)

We believe that what sparse exit poll activity there is constitutes mere window dressing which provides an excuse for the 4 Big TV Networks to project "winners" and "losers." The computer-generated vote counts, totally devoid of citizen checks and balances in 49 states, make the "exit poll results" come true a few hours later. (New Hampshire, the only hand counted state, is the one state in which the Big TV Networks have been unable to reliably project winners and losers on the basis of exit polls.)

It is urgent that our state legislatures, the Secretary of State in all 50 states, and the Election Board in all 3075 counties, return to easily read paper ballots counted by neighborhood voters, with the results posted at the neighborhood precinct before the ballots leave that precinct. In the year that this happens, the Big TV Network "exit poll" hoax will disappear like a bad dream in the light of morning. 




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