Fascinating! Disturbing! A very very important book!

I read the book approximately four or five years ago; the book was given to me from a friend who knew a lot about vote fraud and The League of Women Voters. The book upset me so much I had to include it in my other college readings at the time. I could not put it down. My memory isn't that great about the specific details, but I do recall incidents that involved Claude Pepper, Dade County, Janet Reno greatly upsetting some lawyer who was going to represent the two brothers, the League of Women Voters on a video tape, shown, I believe if I am correct, on the 700 Club punching holes in voting cards to make the votes invalid and other unbelievable, unconstitutional acts that would shock the citizenary to the core of their structured, Americanized belief system.Upon finishing it, I xeroxed a petition that was at the back of the book and mailed it in to the President expressing my deep concern regarding this horrible matter. The Colliers should start a newspaper or write a series for a newsaper to make this national disgrace known. They would definately win the Pulitzer Prize for public service!


Hard evidence of Florida vote fraud - and a great read!

This is a "must read" for anyone who smelled a rat in the 2000 presidential election. Written eight years before the fact, the authors accurately predict Janet Reno's inaction and Justice Scalia's brazen decision, which effectively shut down the counting process. Not just theory, the Collier brothers personally discovered and present hard evidence of decades of Florida vote fraud.

The clues point to a systematic corruption of our voting system by the heads of the major mass media corporations. It's no surprise that Bush's cousin at the Fox news decision desk triggered the stampede of "BUSH WINS" graphics. And its no surprise that searching every mass media website will yield no hits on the word "votescam".

This book does not lean towards either major political party. It simply champions democracy, freedom of information and the need to enforce our voting laws. Buy it. Read it. Take action to revive our right to vote.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Weight of the evidence

I am a forensic certified public accountant by profession, with experience as a poll worker. During any fraud investigation the evidence uncovered is assigned a weight, meaning some facts trump other facts to determine the future course to be followed. Some facts are an elephant in the room. To attempt to discredit this book as another "conspiracy theory" without refuting the charges contained within it's pages is to ignore the weight of the evidence. Names, events, places, and charges are enumerated in detail. If you read this book, a simple dismissal as a "wild eye conspiracy theory" will not satisfy you. It will only reinforce the authors evidence. If you are concerned about our Democracy, read this book.


This is fact, not fiction.

Wow, I looked at the last review which said that Votescam had no facts. The facts in Votescam have been fully documented by the FBI, there is nothing in the book that cannot be backed up factually, and that's what makes it such an enormous and shocking documentary. I think whoever wrote that review definitely had a vested interest in slandering the book. Now, more than ever, people have to understand that our election mess didn't start in 2000, it started in 1970 when Jim and Ken Collier decided to write a book "Ballots Not Bullets" and have Ken run for office, then like Alice, they fell down the rabbit hole and what they found will infuriate every American who reads this book. It's not just a "good read" -- it's a great book!



"Votescam", by Collier & Collier, 1992, a documentary book about Florida vote fraud. Details include the witnessing of double-punching vote cards to disqualify ballots, which occurs at hand cleaning of the vote cards with tweezers before the first machine counting on election day. The investigation of this federal election fraud was sent to the Reagan Bush Department of Justice, but this investigation was stopped by US Attorney Antonin Scalia. G H W Bush then appointed Scalia to the USA Supreme Court. 12/24/92 Bush pardons mark the first time in USA history that an investigation was stopped by presidential pardons. "Firewall" Lawrence Walsh,the Iran-Contra special Prosecutor, and "The Iran-Contra Report" 1993, over 100 convictions. Also 12/24/92 G H W Bush pardons a convicted by a jury of his peers two ton cocaine felon multi-millionaire in Florida who also gave Jeb Bush 700,000 dollars in campaign contributions, Public Record. The technology for fair , honest and open elections exists and it includes hard copy ballots with the candidates photos and electronic oversight and recording for the Public record. "Votescam" documents the means and methods of fraud. Please read and inform yourself, or as in the words of Aung San Suu Kyi, mother , Oxford teacher, winner of the Nobel Peace prize, author, "Freedom From Fear", and prisoner in Burma of SLORC and USA/FRANCE big oil.... "Use your Liberty to help us attain ours." Godspeed America 


Is the presidential election in Florida being votescammed?

Votescam: The Stealing of America tells the story of an independent journalistic investigation from 1970 to 1989 into election-stealing in Dade County, Florida.

The investigation discovered that News Election Service, now renamed Voter News Service, not only provides pool coverage to all the TV networks of vote-counting, but actually manipulates final election results, using techniques ranging from confusing voters to outright intimidation and tampering with ballots.

The existence of Voter News Service is no longer obscure, thanks to their being outed by Dan Rather during this year's reporting of the November 7, 2000 presidential election. Voter News Service is responsible for causing the networks to call a victory for Gore while the polls were still open in western Florida -- and still open during the heaviest voting hours on the west coast of the U.S. -- discouraging Republican election workers and Republican voters from continuing to get the vote out. The likely result -- the "Florida effect" -- was to tip the 2000 elections in California, Oregon, and Washington to the left, not only in the presidential race, but also in Congressional races and ballot initiatives.

Votecam: The Stealing of America exposes the complicity of the news media in corrupting American elections, and even former Florida Attorney General (and now U.S. Attorney General, Janet Reno, is shown to be part of America's votescam.

Fidel Castro's news service, Granma, has now indicted America's elections as no better than a Banana Republic. Mr. "no elections since he took over Cuba" should know a banana republic when he sees one.

Votescam was twenty years ahead of the curve in warning us that what we are now seeing in Florida was a festering sore waiting to infect the American body politic.

Read this book and pass it around.


Well written, well documented 

This an eye opening look at the way we vote and the cheating that takes place in some areas. This does contain information such that you can take action by contacting our government officials.


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