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First, some interesting history . . . 

First published in 1992, Votescam was awarded a window display in Trover bookstore in Washington D.C., and Barnes and Noble in NYC’s East Village. Very pricey real estate. No more than a week or two passed before the books in every store disappeared from the shelves. From then on, all major booksellers falsely listed Votescam as “out of print” in their databases. The book also disappeared from the records in the Library of Congress.

Think what you will about these events. Ultimately it made our job of getting this information to the public more difficult, and Votescam was certainly never a money-making venture to begin with!

The Collier family struggled to keep the book available until 2007 when it did finally go temporarily out of print. Today we are happy to offer Votescam again to democracy activists worldwide.


Cover_with_Shadow.jpgNow, in paperback and on Kindle: 

Order your copy of the 20th Anniversary edition of "Votescam: The Stealing of America" by James and Kenneth Collier.

The new edition includes an update by Victoria Collier, author of the November, 2012 Harper's Magazine cover story, How to Rig an Election

All sales support the ongoing election integrity work of the Collier family.


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