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After taking a few years hiatus from Votescam work, we’re now back online and accepting your letters. We want to hear from you, so please write to contact@votescam.org and tell us your feelings, share your strategies, vent your frustrations about the mess we’re in, and tell us what you’re doing to take our elections back.

-- VC

April, 2011


I can say without hesitation that James Collier's death is a loss for this country that he served so well.  Votescam has, through its unique combination of wit, grit and perseverance, become very well known among those who dig deeper to understand why our democracy has become so dysfunctional. I suspect those qualities I have imparted on the book, were also very much the qualities of the man. 

Votescam is a democratic book in every way. It shows us how that most basic tenet of a democracy, the only thing that stands between us and overt fascism, the vote, is perilously close to being a complete sham, in the direct control of autocrats without even the formality of having to buy it. It tells an entertaining and rapidly moving story in accessible terms without compromising the quality of the information. That in itself is a monumental achievement.

--David H. Stern, MD, California


Dear Victoria,

I just read your piece and the profound accuracy and insight of your assessment is stunning. I have been trying to explain this to my friends. I have given up on my family in the deep south. My brothers and I can barely speak to one another anymore, although I sense an even deeper silence from my youngest brother since the debacle of Iraq, the lack of WMD, etc. We got into such a fight before the war I essentially told him I had little more to say to a racist fascist. Now he does not respond to my followup copies of articles that demonstrate he was wrong. On every point.

I really believe we are on the cusp of a turning point in our nation's history that can spell the end of honest representative government. Instead, we seem hell bent on turning our destinies, both politic and personal, over to corporate America. They have bought Congress. Now they own the White House. Our privacy and our rights mean nothing to them.

I set up my own web site as a protest:


I admit to not keeping it up after the first couple of months. Like so many Americans, I work for a living. And do consulting on top of my regular job. It is too easy to let things slide.

But what is about slide, and away into history, is the freedom of American citizens to control their destiny.

I am computer database program, LAN administrator, and I manage a large operation in a major department in major mid-Western university.

I can tell you right now that if we turn the electoral process over to electronic voting, we are doomed, unless every vote is recorded and immediately printed on a separate, archivable piece of paper that can be handled, counted, recounted, and audited. Without that, I guarantee you, the process WILL be subverted.



-- Ronald D. Edge


Dear Victoria,

I am a member of Miami-Dade Election Reform Coalition.


The Coalition is presently debating whether to support the Holt bill, H.R. 2239. There are concerns with this bill that need addressing. MDERC is beginning to gain national attention because of the progress we have made so far in election reform locally. I'm writing to you because we need the opinions of leaders in this movement to debate the pros and cons of the Holt bill at this time. Thank you so much and for all that you have done for us. 

Subscribe to ReformCoalition


-- Bill Patterson



I just read your article. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CANDOR AND RESEARCH. I have been concerned about this issue for some time, and recently read most of Bev Harris' book and was dumbfounded by the detail and unquestionable truth.

I, too, have been thinking long and hard what to do about it.

It seems to me that the US Congress and HR2239 is a lost cause. However, I'm (perhaps naively) hopeful that what may work--and in time for election 2004--is for each state to pass a paper ballot requirement and deal with it on a state by state issue. State legislators are much more accessible and a little bit less corrupted just because most of them are small time wannabe politicians, and we may have a better chance there. For example, I live in Alaska and have reasonable contacts with both my state rep and senator, and also with the mayor of Anchorage, the biggest city in the state. I also used to live in Wisconsin and have reasonably good contacts with a few legislators (and many politically progressive groups) in Madison, the state capital, and a good contact with the mayor of madison. That could get the ball rolling in 2 of fifty states.

I'm sure you have contacts in a few states, and know people who could help us in even more states.

We could develop a concise strategy describing this effort and try to get it distributed in a national outlet like MoveOn.org, and ask for election activists from all 50 states who have contacts with state legislators. We could develop a draft resolution for adoption by all state legislatures. And then we can help to get it passed in each state, and especially target the most egregious states, like Georgia and Ohio. Of course, some states we won't be successful in before election 2004, like Florida, but that is a lost cause anyway. And maybe we could get them before 2008.

So, this is crazy, I know, but what other choice do we have?

Please respond and let me know what you think about this, and what you're willing to do to make this happen. I want to get involved in this in a serious way and am willing to try to make something happen. Thanks again for your and your family's long hard work. Indeed, our vote is the only check and balance we have left in this crazy country.

-- Brian Hirsch, Ph.D.


Dear Ms. Collier,

I found your article interesting, but very one-sided. You use the 2000 Presidential Election as the catalyst for the article. You acknowledge past voting improprieties with a blanket statement that both parties are equally guilty of voter fraud. But throughout the whole article you take every opportunity to stab at only the Republicans, with only a brief mention of Janet Reno.

Nowhere in your article do you mention two of the biggest incidents of election theft, Kennedy in West Virginia and LBJ's first Congressional election. You state that this issue is not partisan, but follow that with a partisan statement ("though recent evidence suggests Republicans might be gaining the upper hand in the race to control our elections"). There is very little doubt in your article that you lean more towards the Democrats than the Republicans.

Voter fraud is bigger than both parties. I do agree with you that American have turned a blind-eye to the issue. But if you want people to take you serious you have to be fair and balanced. In the end you appear more upset that President Bush was declared the winner than being truly concerned with the overall issue. Maybe you should take a step back and approach the issue without any biases.

Thanks for your efforts, peace.

-- Jeff Chidester

Quote : " True leaders are not those who strive to be first but those who are first to strive and who give their all for the success of the team. True leaders are the first to see the need, envision the plan, and empower the team for action. By the strength of the leader's commitment, the power of the team is unleashed."



Some revelations of small county counting in Waller County, TX

Circuit cards were modified on optical scanner machines in the last election. The results were to not count any ballot with any error. Previously these ballots were kicked out by machine and reviewed by panel of 4 people who agreed on over vote, not erased vote, too lightly marked or other error that the machine might throw out. They were then corrected by paper circles to enhance the machines ability to read the ballot. The present modification now doesn’t count them at all.

The effect is to disenfranchise older voters, slightly confused or intimidated, voters in poor health, etc.

As the article states, it has been happening for decades.

I run the counting machines during the elections with a group of two or more people to keep us honest, but rigging the machines was done by Texas state control!

-- Richard Bottos 



I'd like to thank you and Michael Moore for bring this (VoteScam) info to my attention. It is not much of a stretch to imagine that the same robber barons who carved up this country in the heydays of the industrial revolution are hell-bent on keeping their ill-gotten gains anyway, anyhow possible. And, yes, I foresaw the advent of so-called "improved" balloting systems the day W. was inaugurated. What better way to lure the American public into agreeing to cede their rights than a "low tech" debacle which can easily be solved through much "safer and reliable" modern systems. Heck, we've already seen, from 9/11, how easily disasters warp rational thought. Trading civil rights for a handful of magic "antiterrorism" beans to FEEL safer is the way things are done in the Age of Media Induced Fear and Loathing. And next on the list is embracing a faceless, impartial box that simply tallies votes, ostensibly unswayed by hidden agendas, immune to power play, so we can all sleep better and not have any bad "hanging chad" dreams. I predict that one day in the far-flung-future "American" will be synonymous with "lazy sheep." 

-- Randy Roth



Hi Victoria!

I am in total agreement of your call to return to hand-counted paper ballots in full view of the public. I've reached the point where I do not believe I will participate in another election; I cannot take another dismal failure like 2002, hoping for an honest election, and witnessing corruption in Georgia, Texas, Florida, and now in California with the recall vote. The election of 2000 was important to history as it outed the cheaters, and now is the time to turn that to our advantage.

I've thought about setting up an alternative ballot box in 2004 in Eugene where citizens can cast their ballots for the presidential election by paper ballot, a ballot that is then hand counted by citizen volunteers. Of course, the experience would be to symbolize free elections, as the results would not count toward any "official" outcome. However, it would provide an alternative to citizens who are fed up with what is going on now, and that in turn will lead to greater awareness in communities of what is going on with voter scam, and ultimately to reform. 

I want to vote and I want my vote to count, but I have reached despair and see no other viable option as so-called elected leaders no longer listen to the people. And those citizens still believing in free elections call people like me "cynics." This option would at least allow people like me who want to vote, to do so, even if only symbolically with the hope that good things will come from our actions. We don't have to "boycott" the official vote and have that action be meaningless, in other words.

Alternative Voting - The People's Choice. Feel free to promote this idea and if you would like discuss this further, please call on me.


-- Kat Beglinger-L'Estrange



Thank you for carrying on the work of your father and uncle! I haven't voted in over 10 years because I finally got fed up with the dirtiness of it all. I have recently registered to vote once again only to be faced with the prospect that it no longer matters if I really vote or not!

I believe our country needs a good old fashioned revolution to rid  ourselves of corporate fascists. The next revolution will have to be an  intellectual one rather than a bullet one. You are at the forefront of the intellectual revolution, lighting the way. thanks for doing what you do!

-- Mark Brennaman


Dear Ms. Collier,

I applaud your article in Truthout. I have actively been opposing electronic voting machines and internet voting in Arkansas since February, 2003 when our Sec. of State ,Charlie Daniels, told me that he was working to implement Diebold evm's in our state.

I began an opposition campaign that has included: media interviews, radio talk shows, Town Hall meetings, calls letters and email to Sec. of State, letters to editors of newspapers in the state, speaking to organizations, voters and concerned citizens. I have written a letter to app. 1/4 of the County Clerks in Arkansas advising them of all hazards with evm's, I have contacted every one from our State Representatives to Bill Clinton and Al Franken. I have also consulted members of Presidential campaigns on this issue. I have also spoken with the Democratic Party Chairman in our state, urging them to oppose these machines. 

In August, I began consulting with Dr. Rebecca Mercuri and she and I are scheduled to do a talk radio show in my community near the end of October - I invited the SOS office and they have not returned my calls. My efforts have gotten a mention in David Dills newletter on VerifiedVoting.org. However, our SOS will not listen to the truth about these machines, vendors, or internet voting. Internet voting is much more dangerous according to computer scientists, and completely UNVERIFIABLE.

I want you to know that you and your family's efforts have not been in vain- and that people that WANT to see our democracy preserved and protected are doing every thing they can to prevent these voting machines and internet voting. In AR, the Sec. of State wants to implement evm's and internet voting by our May 18, 2004 primary. He has changed his mind and gone from implementing them in 13 counties with punchcards and lever machines now to putting these one armed bandits in every one of our 75 counties. At least the voters, who now are much wiser, can see this is a terrible decision. However, it seems our SOS is still planning to proceed irregardless of what his constituents want and lobbyists are already registering in for the kill.

The SOS office is looking to implement Diebold, ES&S, Sequoia, and Hart InterCivic in Arkansas. The background on these vendors alone is startling and involve kickbacks, "possible" violations of local, state and federal election laws, bribery charges, conflict of interest as owners are foreign nationals, Arthur Anderson, Carlyle Group and Halliburton. This is an out and out coup attempt.

The members of the National Organization for Women in Hot Springs, Arkansas,

All the NOW chapters in the state, and Arkansas NOW State Organization did join with me and openly opposed these evm's and internet voting. We are still working hard to prevent this trojan horse from arriving in our state.

Thanks to you for getting the truth out to us - I am going to recommend your family's book and video to all in my area. I hope to be able to purchase them both.


-- Lisa Burks, President

National Organization for Women - Hot Springs

Vice President Legislation, Arkansas NOW



All the attention to computerized voting fraud lately got me to wondering about my own local government's integrity, so recently when I received a "mail in ballot" for a local bond issue, I scrutinized it.

Lo and behold, I immediately noticed that the "secret inner envelope" enabled one to view the contents through the white paper, and to see the actual vote choice (yes, no), which is indicated by completing the center portion of one of two bold, black arrows pointing to a Yes and a No. Even after placing the ballot and it's inner envelope into the outer mailing envelope, it is still possible, with aid of a not particularly bright lamp, to see the voter's choice.

What makes it really interesting, is that the ballot itself is a long piece of card stock that folds in half, and has a series of dark black lines, the same width as the arrows, so that (one assumes) when you fold the thing in half on the existing crease as directed, the bold lines obscure the arrows............NOT! They don't line up, they just come close! Someone with a backlit table could quickly weed out undesirable votes and dispose of them before others, not privy to the real goings-on, did the actual count. Seems like an easy excuse is available to the county clerk to say that it's just a minor error, just in case somebody like me comes along.

I don't feel comfortable bringing this up just yet with my local city officials, the potential foxes in the proverbial hen house. Could you help with advice? I think there is probably a better strategy than blurting out my suspicions.

Best Regards,

-- Mike H



The Universe has ways of bringing us valuable and meaningful information! I just finished reading this book and feel compelled to HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who cares about the country we live in and the country our children will inherit!

This is one of the most profound books I ever read. It will definitely have a profound effect on the future of our beloved country. As I always said  "Time has a way of revealing the truth"

The recent election drama here in Florida was VERY disturbing, to say the least. Obviously, this was a continuation of all that was exposed in the book!

Ken & Jim bravely devoted their lives to exposing the stealing of America. How I wish they could have been here to uncover and document the latest scams in this BIG story! I just hope all of you will carry on and NEVER give up!!

One of the best thing we, as caring Americans, can do is EXPOSE the bandits! 


-- Carla Cassata



Dialogue on American Liberty Digest #198 

From: The Bruce

"But, Mike, I gotta ask you: WTF do you care about 'Votescam' for? The whole issue of voting is a fraud, from start to finish; 'Votescam' only raises it to a semi-disturbingly  brazen level. I doubt you're going to get much controversy over 'Votescam,' anyway -- most people I know of, on the  'Net & in meat-space, are already convinced the whole thing was fishy as hell. The only controversy is over which major party was doing it, because, of course, most people don't have the guts to admit that *both* of them were. So I say you're wasting your time on 'Votescam,' friend -- here are *far* more interesting beasties to hunt." 

Cogito ergo sum, 

The Bruce 


From: "Michael J. Schneider" 

"The reason I put Votescam on the list is because *most* Americans *are* still worshipping at the electroplated shrine of democratic government. They really *do* believe that Democrats and Republicans are different and that their vote is "important". If they were showed that the dems and reps are simply two snakes on Medusa's head who slither and hiss in unison, and that the major media in the country became Goebbel-style propaganda outlets following the script of the back-room deal cut during the Warren Commission -- it might give Joe Sixpack exactly the kick in the head that he needs to wake up. Without Votescam and the turncoat "watchdogs", none of this other shit could occur, because there would be *opposition*. (The only really aware opposition in America is on _this board_, all five or six of us.) 

And another thing: Votescam is BIG. It *cannot* be explained away as "mistakes were made" or "agents exceeded their authority". Knowing the truth about TWA-800, for instance, would shake your faith in the Navy, the NTSB and maybe the FBI, but you might still be enthralled by C-SPAN2. After votescam gets pounded through your skull, that is simply impossible. It's the biggest "conspiracy" in the country." 



Dear Sirs,

I've just finished reading Votescam and am convinced of every word. I ran as the Reform Party candidate for Lt. Governor of Kentucky last year. 

As I traveled across the state campaigning it was recommended time after time that I obtain and read the book but due to time constraints I was never able to do so. Our opposition in the race was the incumbent governor and a Republican lady that had absolutely no support from any recognized Republican.

A second place finish by a third party ticket was almost assured by the lack of opposition by the Republican party. (There was a persistent rumor that the governor had entered into a backroom deal with Sen. Mitch McConnell that went something like this: The governor would run for a second term without any Republican opposition in return for agreeing not to run against McConnell for the Senate.) Statewide newspapers took up the story of what "could" happen if a third party were to get more votes than the Republicans, a situation that had never happened in Kentucky. Many statewide boards seats are determined according to the number of votes the party received in the last election. There was much gnashing of teeth over what would happen when the Reform Party candidate got more votes than the abysmally poor Republican. (She was telling the truth but didn't have the documentation and was not warm and fuzzy with corporate media whores.) 

On Monday before the election a man associated with the incumbent's campaign came to a member of our campaign staff and gave him the final vote percentages, telling him that we would poll only 15% of the vote and should be happy with it. The next evening those totals matched what was reported. There is more but I won't bore you with stories that I'm sure you've already heard. We did get 15% of the total vote, a number higher than ever recorded by a third party candidate. Now we're being told (by some) that we should be really proud of that----that we really made a mark and put some fright into the bastards. But as I travel about the state I'm continually asked why we didn't win. People tell me constantly that they can count more votes in their family and workplace than we got in their precincts. 

You may be sure that I will be on hand to watch during the upcoming primaries and that I will be visiting my county clerk in the very near future to find out more about the local process. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information.

-- Kathy Lyons



Gents and Ladies; Please cc Victoria as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the quality, professionalism, and eye opening content of her radio interview on Truthradio a few days ago. I wanted to tell you both to keep it up!!! Even though my personal views are a little more conservative than hers, our front as people who care is united. 

The fact that each person in this country is supposed to have a free will to vote for the person they want, no matter what, and without psychological persuasion games like this VNS employs to sway our opinion. It reminds me of Nazi Germany and Communist Soviet Union tactics, not ours! I was so touched and upset that I called VNS myself and talked to several people. I voiced a very strong concern about the role of this organization and that people are becoming more aware of their activity now and they are being watched by a society of united front, liberal and conservative alike. I also asked if I could sit during an election count to see their process in action. They declined.

If I were you I would expend some resources to expose this VNS company for what it is, a serious threat to fair and equal elections! Your newspaper would achieve public notice and you personally would perform a moral victory for our standards and the little guys who really believe and make up this (supposedly) great nation. Cheers and hats off to you, Victoria and your editor, for seeing this through!!

-- Paul Hale

VP Mongoose Technology


James and Kenneth Collier's book, Votescam, is the only book I know of that exposes the massive amount of voter fraud taking place in the country. It provides the evidence that elections are being rigged much more than the media admits.

Specifically, Votescam, shows how computerized and other digital type voting systems can easily be manipulated to fix elections. Votescam is a book every citizen should read to understand how our democratic system is being undermined. 

-- Christopher Ruddy, 


(Note from Votescam.com -- after Christopher Ruddy launched Newsmax with tremendous funding, he no longer was interested in writing about Votescam and would not pick up the phone. Funny how that happens.)


Thank you for publishing Votescam. It's shocking to realize that American people's vote -- and the count thereof -- has been entrusted to a cabal of multinational media giants and privately owned, totally unaccountable corportions. It also obvious that information contained in Votescam is being supressed from public knowledge by the very same media that controls and counts the vote!

-- Susan Madori,

Write For America


Thank you for having the courage and persistence to get this type of material out to the masses.

-- D. Reynolds, Ohio


-- This book contains the basics for a mammoth investigation.

L. Coenen, Nevada


-- It may well become an heirloom, to hand down when the tide reverses and corruption suffers a setback.

L. Dingle, Virginia


-- A very sober and entertaining book.

  1. U. Dowbenko, Montana

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