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Please see this amazing article "How to Rig an Election" which I just came across. It's stunning. Fixing electronic elections is clearly putting the Right in power, not the people. From 2000 to Kerry in Ohio to DeMint in South Carolina, amazing stories of huge fraud, undermining constantly the work of Congress...a new horror production brought to us by those academy award winners Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers, who have no honor and no boundaries to their shame....

I am not hearing this for the first time, btw, but this well researched article really drives it home...When I was making my 2009 "South of the Border", a very successful Venezuelan entrepreneur told me a horror story of how his electronic system, which had monitored Venezulan elections so scrupulously for years, was literally driven out of the US market by Diebold's law suits...Ironic the much hated (by our press) Venezuela is the true democracy and we increasingly, and sadly, a sham...

- Oliver Stone, Director

Those of us who've faced the ugly truth about America's voting system, yet still believe it possible to wrest that system from the clutches of the right (despite the criminal inattention of the Democratic Party, and most progressives), suddenly have something we can cheer about at last, and send out far and wide ASAP: "How To Rig an Election," Victoria Collier's excellent cover story in the November Harper's.

If you've not been paying attention to the radical subversion of electoral democracy in the United States these last 12 years, this piece will blow your mind, and probably depress you; but if you don't shake that off, and move to spread the word right now, by sending everyone you know this must-read article, you'll have to share the blame for what will very likely happen (again) on Nov. 6, whether it befalls the presidency, Congress or some statehouses (or all of the above).  

Brava to Victoria, then; and hurray for Harper's, whose editors and publisher have shown us once again that they are brave enough to face an issue as important as it is neglected. (This new piece is a sort of sequel to "None Dare Call It Stolen," the cover story I wrote for them six years ago.) The only other US magazine that's shown the same intelligence and courage is Rolling Stone. 

- Mark Crispin Miller, Author of "Fooled Again" and "Loser Take All"

Collier's piece is timely and jaw-dropping because of the context it offers for this cycle's voting-rights fights. It suggests persuasively that the Florida recount, and the federal legislation it spawned, have made our elections less reliable and thus more susceptible to partisan disenfranchisement than we ever could have imagined watching those hapless bureaucrats count those chads. We took a bad situation, in other words, and made it much worse. If the coming election is as close as everyone seems to think it is, there is no reason to believe with any confidence that honest officials could prevent someone from stealing it outright.

- Andrew Cohen, contributing editor at The Atlantic and legal analyst for 60 Minutes, chief analyst and legal editor for CBS Radio 

Harper's November issue--not online yet, but delivered to our house this week-- has an absolutely thrilling, definitive article by Victoria Collier on electronic vote-rigging: "How to Rig An Election."   It's the lead article featured on the cover. I devoured it, and can happily say: the news is OUT that we've been trying to tell denial-ridden skeptics for YEARS!  I know other articles have appeared elsewhere, including in the NY Times and Rolling Stone. But Collier's is the first I've seen that covers the breadth and depth of the problem as we activists know it . . .

America is gaining clarity on this. We will not be self-governing again until WE count the votes. Our anonymous ballots must be cast in private - but they must be COUNTED IN PUBLIC.  That means--sorry--not inside a computer.  But I DO have a technology-friendly elections idea: VIDEO CAMS to track ballot custody, including of absentee ballots, while in the hands of elections officials!  CAMS to follow those precious ballot batches wherever they go, and CAMS on the people who will count them by hand, the only way to end this digital-darkness shell game.
Be my guest if you want a computer count as a check-and-balance. But the observed public hand-count of ballots whose chain of custody is continually, publicly observed, is the result of record.  Streamed to the web and local cable access, til the countin's done!
Brava Victoria Collier, and check out her article, everyone.
- Mimi Kennedy, Actress, National Chairwoman, Progressive Democrats of America



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